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David Wygant Podcast - 5 stock I like for Covered Call Writing

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DISCLAIMER: These stock picks are 100% for entertainment. I'm not recommending these stocks as a purchase. The research jump links in this blog post are ones that I use to start my stock investing research. Always do your own due diligence and never risk more money then you are willing to lose. Think of it like this blog post as seeing the world thru my eyes.

My quick take on why these are good for new investors
Investing in great stocks is always a great place to start for any new investor ... and when Selling Premium we hold the stock during the timeframe we pick for the Covered Call we sell ... so it's important to use Great S&P 500 type companies ... these 5 stocks below ALL pay dividends, trade in a nice trading range and are some of the biggest companies on the planet ... good luck and be sure to get your financial education and then do your very first easy trade ... its that experience that will set you on your path to financial freedom! - if you have question feel free to email me at and as always, I wish you the very Best in Trading!

What 5 picks do I think are good to Write Covered Calls?
Stock 1Stock 2Stock 3Stock 4Stock 5
Apple Inc.Bristol-Myers Squibb CompanyThe Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.3M CompanyIntel Corporation
Based on the date of this video's upload ... the stock price was trading either on that day or the last day of trading (ie, Friday if posted on the weekend)

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Who is the Core Position Trading guy?
The first thing you need to know is … I'm not a guru and nor to I pretend to be … I haven't worked on Wall Street and nor do I feel anyone needs too for using this investment strategy I so advocate … I'm a guy just like you that started trading the stock market way back in the late 1990's (pre dot com boom) when eTrade became available for us 'home investors'. I traded all the tech stocks that you might remember … making series bank one year and losing just as much during the crash. Fast forward some 22 years I'm still trading in the stock market with my online brokerage … but the days of swing trading and day trading are over for me … rather instead I use the Covered Call and Cash Secured Put investment strategy for most ALL of my success these days.
"Why would I ever 'give away' my trade secrets if you're making that much money?"
So, the first thing you need to understand with this journey I started 3 years ago is that … I am paying forward a wonderful deed my mentor and best friend Jerry did for me. You can (and I encourage) hear our story on my web site click the video 'Meet Jerry' … seeing that I was frustrated and having no success swing trading, day trading he taught me how to sell premium (Write Covered Calls) … he worked with me for over 1 year, mentoring me, answering my questions … I was apprehensive in making a mistake … screwing up … he walked me thru my first trade and that began my new life of success investing and working the stock market. You really need to hear our story if you're sceptical of what I'm doing … only then you will understand our story is genuine … I have no agenda. I show you my trades, we talk about them in hopes you learn something. It really is that genuine and simple.

Are you all caught up on the recent videos?
Look, I get it … some of my video's rehash common Covered Call and Cash Secured Put topics you may already feel you master … but my weekly videos are generally short and you know I always give you something extra … whether it be a story or a CCW/CSP tip … check it out … I've done 2 this past week … are you caught up?
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My buddy Jerry and Me - cira July 2019

Disclaimer - Yes - at the time of this posting I do have a position in this equity. By posting this I am by no means recommending this equity and am not front running for its performance. I have risked my own money and am accountable for the trade results.
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